'Lifelong Republican' Former Ohio Governor Backs Joe Biden in DNC Speech: 'These Are Not Normal Times'

The former leading GOP lawmaker was one of four Republicans to speak out against Trump and voice support for Biden on Monday night. Kasich appeared along with former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, former Mitt Romney presidential campaign adviser and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman and former New York Rep. Susan Molinari.

“Many of us can’t imagine four more years going down this path,” Kasich said Monday.

His pre-recorded speech was followed up by a montage of Republican voters who said they would also be voting for Biden. (Trump, in response to such discontent, has often touted his large approval from the conservative base.)

“We can all see what’s going on in our country today and all the questions that are facing us, and no one person or party has all the answers," Kasich continued on Monday. "But what we do know is that we can do better than what we’ve been seeing today, for sure. And I know that Joe Biden, with his experience and his wisdom and his decency, can bring us together to help us find that better way.”

Kasich also noted that he and Biden disagree but "that’s okay, because that’s America," adding: "Whatever our differences, we respect one another as human beings, each of us searching for justice and for purpose."

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