Lloyds Bank: The top ISA options available to Britons

Lloyds is a British bank with a long history of providing savers with the best deals, and is operative in all four corners of the UK. With a solid reputation, hundreds and thousands of savers choose to deposit their money here each year. However, aside from savings accounts, many savers are looking to place their money into ISAs, which often offer attractive interest rates, allowing money to grow. 


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An Individual Savings Account offers tax-free interest payments, allowing Britons to potentially receive more for their money.

While there is a limit to how much money any one person can put into an ISA each year, the option is often seen as a prime way to grow savings.

Lloyds currently offer a number of ISA options to suit different circumstances, and information on who is eligible and how to switch is important to note.

One option is the Cash ISA Saver, seen as a good choice for those who wish to save but also want instant access to their money.

The account is available for those who are 16 or over with a National Insurance number and resident in the UK.

Furthermore, to be eligible, a person must have not already saved in a cash ISA this tax year, unless completing an ISA transfer.

Through this account, Britons can earn 0.05 percent in tax free variable interest for 12 months from the account opening.

The two year Fixed Rate Cash ISA is also a popular option for savers looking to make their money grow.

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The account is suitable for those who are ready to save at least £3,000, and much like the Cash ISA Saver, applicants must be aged 16 or over.

This ISA offers a fixed rate interest of 0.30 percent for two years from the account opening, and must be opened with at least £3,000.

Money can be withdrawn from this account, but savers will be charged the equivalent of 180 days’ tax-free interest.

In this sense, the account is suitable for those who can afford to lock their money away and watch it grow.


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For those with children and young people the Junior Cash ISA may be a good option to consider.

Available to children under the age of 17 who are happy to see their savings put away until they reach 18, the account offers impressive interest rates.

Those with a Junior Cash ISA can earn 1.95 percent in tax free variable interest, and can save up to £9,000 this tax year.

The account can be opened online or in branch, but must be managed by a parent or guardian if the child is under the age of 16.

The minimum balance for this account is £1, which means it is a good starter option for savers to develop their money in the long term. When the child turns 18, this account will turn into an Instant Cash ISA.

Those who do have any adult cash ISA with Lloyds will see this change into an Instant Cash ISA upon the end of its term.

This ISA isn’t available to any other customers, but offers 0.20 percent tax free variable interest. 

This is also a flexible ISA which means people can withdraw or place money back into the account without it counting towards the annual ISA limit. 

The Bank of England decreased its base rate to unprecedented lows of 0.1 percent back in March as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

As a result, interest rates across many familiar banks have been temporarily lowered in accordance. 

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