Mainstream news networks ABC, CBS, NBC ignore worsening border crisis

Media top headlines August 13

In media news today, the Texas Tribune falsely reports 5,800 children were hospitalized with COVID in the first week of August, a Loudoun, Virginia teacher says she has no regrets about resigning over CRT, and a Washington Post critic blasts Brian Stelter for ‘shilling’ on behalf of Chris Cuomo

Mainstream news networks ABC, CBS and NBC chose to ignore the worsening crisis at the southern U.S. border following Thursday’s release of July’s data on the number of migrants encountered attempting to cross into the country from Mexico. 

According to Grabien transcripts, and first reported by NewsBusters, the liberal networks made no mention of the 212,672 migrant encounters announced by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in their Thursday night or Friday morning programs. Instead, they chose to focus on other topics, including Britney Spears, urban real estate prices, and baseball. 

Since taking office, the Biden administration has presided over consecutive month-to-month increases in border encounters, which began rising in April 2020. 

While on a visit to the Texas border, Mayorkas admitted that the crisis was “one of the toughest challenges we face” as a nation. He added that the increase in the number of people crossing the border was “most certainly sharper over the last several months and greater than in June.” 

In July 2020 there were 40,929 encounters at the border, marking an increase of more than 171,000 migrants in the same month this year. The July number is now the highest number of border encounters in the last 21 years, signaling the crisis is worsening despite the Biden administration’s commitment to addressing the situation. 

On Monday, 20 House Republicans wrote to Mayorkas demanding an explanation of the administration’s handling of the crisis while also referring to Biden’s policies as “weak” and Homeland Security secretary’s performance as “lackluster.”

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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