Man makes £10,000 from Covid-19 side hustle

One man was able to bring in an extra £10,000 in income thanks to his side hustle during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Jay was able to survive the pandemic financially by taking on a second job through Airtasker, an online services marketplace.

People are able to complete repairs and other handy jobs by advertising their services on the app.

Airtasker reports that it has seen a 231 percent increase in demand for Clothing and Sewing Repairs on the platform year-on-year.

Over this period, services in this category have become a lot more affordable with prices dropping 15 percent.

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One of the side hustlers who has been able to use Airtasker to his advantage is Jay from Walthamstow, London.

Described as “a master across a variety of trades”, the young man studied plumbing and handyman skills such as plastering at college.

Following this, Jay worked in retail and accountancy and became proficient in starting his own business.

In February 2020, the Londoner and his family set up their own dry cleaning and alterations business.

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However, the following month, the world was struck down by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Very quickly, Jay realised her had to find other ways to bolster his income as soon as possible.

The entrepreneur broke down how coming across Airtasker in May 2020 offered him the perfect solution to his problem.

He explained: “I saw there was a lot of opportunity on Airtasker with people posting a wide range of tasks including upholstery, which he was also skilled in.

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“I completed tasks such as upholstering armchairs to look brand new, tailoring men’s and women’s clothing and making outdoor cushion covers.

“Since joining Airtasker, I have earned over £10,000 [on Airtasker] alongside my own business.”

The businessman specialises in repairing trampoline beds and umbrella canopies using his alteration skills.

On Airtasker, Jay has successfully earned multiple five-star reviews from customers who are happy with his side hustle.

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