Martin Lewis urges Britons to cash in on ‘last free cash bank bribes’ for £125 by midnight

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Martin Lewis said on this ITV programme: “Time’s aticking. Current account switch bribes all change. Ending midnight tonight are the last free cash bank switching bribes.”

What are they? Martin revealed all.

Natwest will give you a free £125 and RBS a free £100 plus £3 a month cashback.

Those who bag this deal will get the money in February.

He said: “Now, they have already been taken off the website by those companies a few hours ago, as I was preparing for the show.”

However, Martin got in touch with the banks which said as long as you switch tonight you will get the free cash, if it’s before midnight.

In a new deal, Virgin Money is giving those who sign up 15 bottles of wine worth £180 in a new switch deal.

This account pays two percent interest on up to £1,000 without switching. If you want the wine deal, use the switch service and put £1,000 in its linked 0.5 percent savings account.

Doing it now may see you get the wine for Christmas.

Martin takes to his evening show every week to advise, something that has been very useful for many amid coronavirus.

In a time of extreme insecurity, most are concerned about their finances.

Banking is one of the easiest ways for Britons to take steps to improve their finances.

Martin addressed savings in recent warnings about the disappointing state of interest at this moment in time.

Martin’s banking advice was to ‘fight for every scrap of interest’ ahead of cuts from NS&I.

Martin has warned savers NS&Is “best-buy” accounts will be cut to “near zero” in the coming days.

From Tuesday, November 24, NS&I will be reducing most of its main savings rates, its best rate of 1.16 percent drastically slashed to just 0.01 percent.

As such, Martin went on to advise savers on “how to fight for every scrap of interest.”

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