Meghan McCain rips 'worst kind of dishonest malfeasance journalism’ after Cuomo resignation

Media top headlines August 10

In media news today, Washington Post calls for CNN to investigate Chris Cuomo, Vogue gets ripped as ‘frauds’ for a glowing feature on Jen Psaki, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid claims those angry at maskless Obama party are only mad because they weren’t invited

Former co-host of “The View” Meghan McCain accused the media of being complicit in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal following the Democrat’s surprise announcement that he’ll be resigning in two weeks.

“You wanna know why no one trusts the media?” McCain asked. “The ‘Cuomosexuals’ on tv who kissed his a–, never reported his criminal behavior or let it slide from political convenience and working with his brother. This is why we are radicalized. There is no reason to trust this country club.”

The media’s fawning coverage of Cuomo throughout 2020 has been under the microscope since he was engulfed in multiple scandals concerning accusations of harassment and allegations that he covered up coronavirus nursing home deaths.

Cuomo’s announcement came a week after New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed her investigation’s findings that the governor had sexually harassed at least 11 women.

“History will look back on the way the media covered Andrew Cuomo the past 19 months and it will be studied in journalism classes as the worst kind of dishonest malfeasance ‘journalism’ has to offer,” McCain continued.

Before she left “The View,” McCain singled out CNN for its coverage of the Cuomo scandal. The network allowed “Cuomo Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo, little brother of the New York governor, to go on air the evening of James’s bombshell press conference, despite the revelation that he helped the governor draft a response to the allegations against him earlier this year. 

Cuomo did not discuss his brother’s scandal that evening, telling the audience he was going to be focused on COVID-19.

“You want to talk about nepotism?” McCain asked. “Not having to talk about the biggest scandal in the country when it has to do with your brother and you’re hosting CNN, that’s nepotism.”

“The Cuomo family and CNN are the worst kinds of nepotism that the media has an example of,” she added. “If it were my brother and he had been accused of this, you’d be damn straight I would be talking about it on ‘The View’ this morning, and that makes all of them cowards.”

Media analysts joined McCain in ripping the press and leading Democrats for only now paying attention to Cuomo’s multiple controversies, arguing that they feel free to do so since he’s “no longer any value” to them.

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