Mercedes dealer ripped me off with sky-high service bill for my electric car – see if you can spot their mistake | The Sun

A MAN claims that his Mercedes dealer ripped him off with a sky-high service bill for his electric car.

The driver took his Mercedes-Benz EQA-250 to an official dealership in Melbourne.

But he was left in shock after discovering he was charged £232 for an engine oil and filter change.

However, fully electric vehicles don't need engine oil or filter changes because they don't have an internal combustion engine.

Since he anticipated paying more for a premium car service, Matty first had no concerns about the £371 cost, a service price established by the manufacturers.

He said on the video: "I thought I'd have a quick look at the invoice and £371.50! £371.50 for what? To perform an engine oil and filter change.


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"The problem is, this car is fully electric. They charged me to change the oil and filter on a fully electric car. Not hybrid – Full electric.

"I thought I'd just double-check this; I've been driving this car for two years; let's just check it again for the 14th time today – It's definitely electric."

The video has had more than 40,000 views – and most users joked about this situation.

One said: "That's the price you pay when you want to drive a Mercedes."

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Another commented: "Yes sir, we didn't charge you for oil, but we did shampoo the batteries."

While a third pointed out: "Obviously, they put premium air in the tyres."

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