‘Might not be timeless’ Interior decor going out of fashion

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While some interior styles will continue to blossom for years at a time and will continue to hold influence on our home decor well into 2023, more traditional styles could be fading. Research from the team at luxury shutters, blinds and awnings company Thomas Sanderson have discovered that in the past 12 months, Google searches for interior styles like “cottagecore”, “modern Farmhouse” and “French Country” have seen a combined decrease of 69 percent.

The downturn in search traffic for more traditional styles indicates that they may have possibly had their day.

Meanwhile, there has been an upturn in bolder, more vibrant interior styles like Maximalism, a trend that’s championed by interior designer and Changing Rooms star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Maximalism has seen a Google search increase of 124 percent in the past 12 months.

So what is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a style aesthetic that celebrates the idealisations of a traditionally rural lifestyle that’s based on a rural English and European way of life.

The style was developed throughout the 2010s with the name “cottagecore” finally developing on the social media platform Tumblr in 2018.

Why might cottagecore be on its way out?

The team at Thomas Sanderson said cottagecore “might be no more”. The general term for Google searches “cottagecore” has seen a 33 percent decrease in the last 12 months.

At the beginning of the year – in January 2022 – there were 368,000 searches for the traditional and comforting style, but in October 2022 those search numbers had dropped to just under 250,000.

The experts said: “We know what you might be thinking… how do we know it’s cottagecore interiors and not cottagecore fashion that’s on the downhill slope?

“Well, results have revealed that the search term ‘cottagecore room decor’ in particular has seen a 64 percent decrease in the last 12 months.

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“Ouch! Can cottagecore make a comeback in 2023? It’s looking unlikely but we have our fingers crossed.”

What is modern farmhouse decor?

Modern farmhouse decor is a comfortable, relaxed style of decor that includes modern touches like smooth lines and neutral colour schemes.

The look is less rustic than cottagecore with more modern design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite worktops and contemporary lighting.

Why is modern farmhouse decor on its way out?

The classic modern farmhouse decor that we all know and love might not be so popular in the new year either.

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The general term on Google searches for “modern farmhouse” has seen a decrease of 18 percent in the last 12 months with 135,000 searches in January falling to 90,500 in October 2022.

The experts added: “It’s not just the general term that has seen a decrease in Google searches, results for ‘modern farmhouse’ followed by a particular room in the home have also fallen.

“‘Modern farmhouse kitchen’ and ‘modern farmhouse bedroom’ have both seen a decrease of 18 percent in the last 12 months.

“‘Modern farmhouse living room’ has seen the biggest decrease of all, with 33 percent less searches in the last 12 months.

“With this in mind, It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a lot of modern farmhouse living rooms in the new year.”

What is French country style?

French country style is a mix of rustic, traditional decor and a more refined look. The look was inspired by homes in the French countryside.

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The look is comfortable with elegant characteristics that doesn’t stray into being ostentatious or over-complicated. Softly-patterned fabrics and muted colours are also included.

What are French country interiors on their way out?

The experts said: “The final interior style which could potentially walk out of the door in 2023 is French country.

“Despite the style having the combination of elegance and rustic charm, this ‘timeless’ style has seen an 18 percent decrease in Google searches over the last 12 months.

“Twenty-seven thousand one hundred searches in January 2022 have fallen to under 15,000 in October 2022. Over 10,000 fewer searches (and interest) in the style. It looks like French country might not be so timeless after all.”

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