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RECKON you're a dab hand at iPhone texting? Millions are typing out numbers completely wrong.

There's a simple but elusive iPhone hack that makes it much easier to tap out digits.

Apple's built-in iPhone keyboard is filled with clever tricks, but many aren't that obvious.

It's unlikely that you've found this particular hack.

Normally if you want to type a number, you have to go through a slightly awkward process.

You have to press the 123 button to switch to the secondary keyboard.

And then once you've tapped a number, you have to press the ABC icon again to switch back to letters.

This feels clunky, especially if you're typing something that has a combination of letters and numbers – like a password.

Few people know that you can simply hold down on the 123 icon.

If you do this while choosing your number and then release 123, it'll automatically return to letters.

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It may take a little while to get into the habit of doing this, but it's a game-changer once you get used to it.

Of course that's not the only iPhone typing trick that you need to know about…

Bonus iPhone typing tricks

For a start, there's a hidden trackpad built into your keyboard.

If you hold down on the space bar when typing, you'll find that the keyboard transforms into a trackpad.

You can then use this to place your cursor with extreme precision.

It's much easier than trying to tap exactly where you want the cursor to end up – especially if you're trying to edit a characters in the middle of a word.

Another great trick is learning to swipe to text.

It's a special Apple feature called QuickPath that is much faster than tapping out words to type.

Simply drag your finger around letters on the keyboard to "spell out" a word.

And if you do it right, the full word will just appear.

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So, if you were typing "Sun", you'd place your finger on "S", then slide to "U" and finally "N" without removing your finger.

Lift your finger at the end and you'll find the word appears.

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