Movie lovers are unlocking HOURS of 'hidden' content for FREE on Disney+ at the push of a button | The Sun

FILM fiends are discovering ways to watch hours of "hidden" content for free on the Disney+ app.

The popular streaming service, which boasts new content every month, may have more to offer viewers than they realise.

The "hidden features" button offers fans the chance to watch hours of extra content from their favourite films and TV shows.

To access the extra hours, fans should go to the "extras" tab underneath the play button.

Here, trailers, deleted scenes, gag reels and behind-the-scenes featured are ready and waiting.

While not every film or show comes with extra content, it's worth checking to see if your favourite does.

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And it's not the only free "hidden" feature streaming fans have found on the app.

Parents have stumbled across something to keep their kids entertained for hours.

Courtney Nikole took to TikTok to share a genius hack that may be the perfect way to occupy the kids during the Christmas holidays.

To her viewers surprise, the mum reveals that Disney+ does in fact have a "hidden" auto play function.

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"Well it does, we figured it out," she says.

Courtney cuts to a clip of her TV screen where she shows her family profiles.

She clicks onto the profile and scrolls to one of her children's accounts before revealing the little-known secret.

"Under profiles, you go to edit profiles, and you go select the one you want," she explained.

Once you've entered the profile settings, you will be met with a selection of options including profile name, profile avatar, background video, app language, and parental controls.

And hiding in middle of the list in the Autoplay feature.

"Turn the Auto Player on and off is right there," she pointed out.

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