Mrs Hinch fan reveals ‘magic’ oven cleaning product to remove grease and grime

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Mrs Hinch fans regularly post their cleaning hacks with one another on their dedicated cleaning Facebook pages. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one fan shared her unusual oven hack. She wrote: “Dishwasher tablets are a GAME CHANGER! Dip tablet in water and scrub over any stains or burnt spills in oven!

“It melts them away! Even wiping the paste that forms over with my hand they lift off!”

The cleaning fanatic explained how she was scrubbing her oven with a metal scourer for and the food spillages weren’t moving. 

The Mrs Hinch fan continued: “What magic is this?!! And the glass is sparkling! Gonna try my glass hob next.”

Hundreds of fans rushed to the comments to find out more about this genius hack.

One woman asked: “What dishwashing tablet did you use? I hate oven cleaning. Anything to make it easier.”

The fan replied explaining how it must be an actual tablet but there is no specific brand that works better than others.

She said: “I just bought cheap ones from the corner shop specifically to try this hack as I don’t have a dishwasher…they were £1.” 

Another person asked: “Will it work on the full oven inside? Ours needs a good clean but I can’t stand using cleaning products on it.”

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The cleaning fan replied: “I’ve done the whole of the inside of the oven. I hate the fumes from oven cleaners and this works a treat. I might even add a little more water next time to remove any leftover product.”

Other fans shared how they also use a dishwasher tablet to clean their ovens including the racks. 

One cleaning fanatic commented: “This is genius! With the racks, I put them in the bath tub with a dishwasher tablet and then I wrap them in tinfoil so that the hot water can help soak off all the stains.”

Mrs Hinch herself has also recently shared her method for cleaning the oven and explains how it should be cleaned regularly to stop the build up of stubborn stains. 

She starts firstly by removing her oven liners which she soaks in warm soapy water in the sink. 

Next, she removes the oven racks which she washes separately in the sink whilst scrubbing with a scourer. 

Mrs Hinch will then scrub the inside of her oven with The Pink Stuff paste, a cleaning paste that is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains. 

The cleaning sensation explains how this product is great on an appliance like the oven because it doesn’t scratch the glass or inside of the oven whilst scrubbing.

The product can be picked up for as little as 89p in shops like B&M and Home Bargains. 

Mrs Hinch then lets the paste sit for a couple of minutes to work before dipping her Scrub Daddy sponge in warm water and removing all the excess product. 

The Scrub Daddy sponge is a textured sponge that changes texture under different temperatures. 

Warm water makes the sponge go soft and is great for removing excess product whilst cold water stiffens it, making it perfect to target those stubborn oven stains. 

The sponge can be picked up in supermarkets as well as B&M for around £2.50 and the company behind the sponge says it can be used without any water at all. 

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