Mrs Hinch reveals how to clean a washing machine properly for just £4

Mrs Hinch is well known for her cleaning hacks and using cheap products to keep her Essex home sparkling clean. She has recently revealed how to clean a washing machine on a budget.


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The coronavirus lockdown means that Britons are being urged to stay indoors as much as possible as the UK enters its fifth week in lockdown. A lot more people have turned to cleaning their homes in order to keep the home virus free.

Coronavirus can spread in a number of ways including through your clothes however in order for a washing machine to clean clothes properly, the washing machine itself needs to be as clean as possible.

Mrs Hinch advised to invest in a moppet sponge which sells for around £2 from retailers like Sainsbury’s.

Moppet sponges are super absorbent and thick but any cloth or cleaning sponge that you already have will work just the same.

She says to give the sponge a few sprays of Flash’s bathroom cleaner, which she also uses in the kitchen for cleaning multiple appliances.

She then advises to wipe the gap in between the machine and the plastic seal with the sponge, which can build up with soap scum.

In an Instagram story, Sophie is also seen using a SonicScrubber to clean her washing machine which is an electrical cleaning brush to access all the difficult parts of a washing machine.

The brush retails at £18.99 and the site claimed that it can improve cleaning by up to 57 percent.

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However an old toothbrush can be just as effective as reaching all the difficult parts.

It is important not to scrub the machine using the toothbrush as this can cause damage but instead using it gently to remove dirt and grime.

Mrs Hinch says that cleaning tools can be added to the drum as she sets the washing machine on for a quick cycle.

It is also very important to clean the detergent drawer as this can be an area for germs to thrive.


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It can be removed and cleaned with an all purpose cleaner.

Cleaning the filter of a washing machine can also help prevent dirt and germs collecting. It is very warm and humid and so can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

It should be emptied regularly to remove the fluff and dirt that has collected inside.

Cleaning and antibacterial products have been hard to get hold of due to people stockpiling and panic buying amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

There are easy and cheap ways to clean a washing machine using home made products.

Without the use of Flash’s bathroom spray or washing up liquid which many have used to clean their washing machine, you can use two products which are used for cleaning many household appliances.

A mum recently took to mumsnet saying that she uses soda crystals in the drum of the machine and white vinegar in the washing machine drawer.

Soda crystals can be bought for as little as 55 pence.

She then runs the machine on a 90 degree wash in order to get rid of any bacteria in the machine.

In the current climate, it is advised to wash clothes as soon as possible if worn in a crowded area like a supermarket and if not able to be washed straight away, to be stored in a drawstring bag to prevent the spread of germs.

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