MSNBC contributor loses it on Joe Manchin: 'You want me dead as much as some of these Republicans do'

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MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson railed against Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Thursday in a wild segment seemingly focused on slamming the moderate Democrat for his efforts at bipartisanship. 

The far-left university professor joined host Joy Reid and fellow contributor Susan Del Percio in blasting Manchin over his opposition to ending the Senate filibuster rule, in order to establish a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Reid told Johnson if 10 Republicans couldn’t agree they should investigate the attempt to “decapitate our government,” then the argument surrounding bipartisanship over the commission bill was dead. 

Johnson agreed that it was a dead argument, and went on to claim Manchin was taking his stance against eliminating the filibuster because he was concerned about his own legacy. He then predicted Manchin would lose his next election in 2024 regardless of his stance, and therefore should vote with Democrats in removing the Senate filibuster rule.

“The idea that he will still spout this nonsense in the face of an attempt to murder him and everybody with a ‘D’ in their name is disturbing to me. And I don’t see the value, honestly, at this point, in Democrats treating him with kid gloves,” Johnson said. “Personally … I [as a Democratic Senator] would say, look, if you aren’t in favor of this commission, then you want me dead as much as some of these Republicans do. That’s how I’d be talking about it at this point.”

“I don’t understand the recalcitrance on the part of one or two senators against simply getting rid of the filibuster in this particular instance to do something, because I promise you, and this is not because we want this to happen … it’s going to happen again,” he said. “The people who did this will simply try again, and this commission’s the only way to possibly prevent it.” 

“There is a sense that Manchin is also out of control and thinks he’s the majority leader. Manchin is exercising control as if he’s in charge of the Senate. Doesn’t that have to stop?” Reid asked Johnson. 

“Yeah, yeah. This flex that he’s going on here, it’s not impressive. It’s not making anybody happy. It’s not him. It’s not his drip. Whatever,” Johnson replied.


The commission bill, which passed the House with 35 Republicans joining nearly every Democrat in voting in favor, would require support from at least 10 Republican senators to pass the Senate with a 60-vote filibuster proof majority.

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