Mum rakes in £2,000 a month with ‘life-changing’ side-hustle and goes full-time

A mum of two is currently earning £2,000 a month after taking her Avon side hustle on full-time.

Sue Potter, 54, from Sunderland, who was previously working long hours at M&S, initially launched her Avon business as “a means to an end” for some extra earnings on the side.

But after pushing her monthly income up by £2,000 a month, Mrs Potter has been able to make it her full-time job and now has enough money to stay afloat, as well as treat her family to “multiple holidays” a year.

Mrs Potter told “I discovered Avon as my daughter was toying with the idea of starting her own beauty business. Out of curiosity, I delved deeper into the Rep opportunity and decided to take the plunge myself – you can start from just £10 and get everything you need for the first month.

“Before my Avon beauty business, I was struggling to enjoy life. Having to start shifts at 4:30am and being on a completely different schedule to my husband forced me to change and try something new.

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“I simply wanted more flexibility within my job so I could spend more time with my family.”

The venture sees a large proportion of Mrs Potter’s time dedicated to delivering around her local community, which she “loves”.

Mrs Potter said: “I’m extremely sociable and love chatting with people in my community – my previous job equipped me to be customer-facing and it’s where I feel most at ease.

“My husband also helps me with the deliveries – he packs, I bag! We split our customers into two groups and work on our business together. I love that we get to spend time together while working, this is time we treasure as before it was so rare to even see each other.”

Mrs Potter has been a sales leader for two years and is able to earn up to 32 percent commission.

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But aside from her earnings, Mrs Potter said: “I’m also part of an incredible community of women who continue to uplift and support each other.

“I won a trip to Canada last year and have Thailand booked this year with Avon where I get to bond with like-minded women who are genuinely passionate and hardworking – it’s such a confidence booster.

“I love being my own boss and having the flexibility to do what I want, every day. Now, I have more free time to spend with my family and to do things that I really want to do – like travel the world.”

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Mrs Potter said she’s “proud” that she can now support her family while also having a more balanced and happier life.

Ms Potter added: “I vividly remember taking my daughter to Alton Towers last year and she turned to me at the end of the trip and said it had been the best weekend of her life as we never had weekends off as a family together. It was then that I knew this was the right path for me.

“Just go for it, you never know what could happen. It was life-changing for me. Life is short and you need to try new things and see where it takes you.”

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