Mum’s £3 trick to keep mould at bay

Handy tips for cleaning mould in the house

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Mould spores can pose a danger to health if left to grow out of control in the home. Unfortunately, during the damp winter months, areas of your home can provide a perfect environment for these spores to form.

TikTok mum Amy says she has discovered a perfect product which can keep mould away, even in a humid house.

Amy shares videos on her TikTok channel @survingabuseandbeyond, where she has currently amassed a following of 13K and over 95K “likes”.

Her mould-killing method has gone viral after she revealed the £3 solution. Amy said Isoropyl, or rubbing alcohol, in a spray bottle is “lethal on mould”.

The product can be purchased from a number of home and DIY stores, as well as on Amazon. In another video, Amy said she picked up her rubbing alcohol “for about £3”.

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Amy explained: “We have got a very humid house and humidity in a house means mould. “Now, mould is toxic, it’s vile and it’s very, very bad for you to breathe in.

“I’ve got an allergy to it as well, but since I’ve moved here my breathing has been so much better because at my old property we had a damp issue. This house we don’t because I am on top of it.”

Every four or five weeks, Amy explains how she pulls out the furniture items in her home and sprays some of the isopropyl behind them.

“I just pull all of my furniture out and spray behind it and it keeps it at bay,” she said.

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The social media mum says the trick can also work in bathrooms. When she initially moved into her rented home, Amy explained how the area surrounding her window was thick black mould.

“I’ve been keeping on top of it with the rubbing alcohol,” she said. “Just spraying it and it’s not come back, but also I keep this window open all of the time.”

Rubbing alcohol may be able to kill some forms of mould commonly found in homes as it is able to penetrate the cellular membrane of the fungus that causes mould.

The liquid is particularly useful for removing mould which is growing on leather goods like suitcases, clothing or furniture made out of fabric-covered material.

In addition to killing some forms of mould, rubbing alcohol is also an all-natural option compared to bleach or other commercial cleaners.

The alcohol produces very little in the way of fumes and the subsequent side effects. However, as well as cleaning mould, Amy also recommends some mould prevention methods.

She explained: “You can do things like after you’ve had a shower leave your window open as long as possible until all of the steam has gone.

“I know it’s winter, I know it’s cold but it’s got to be done because you will end up with a ton of mould in your bedroom and that’s toxic for your health.

“Also dehumidifiers, you can get the disposable ones, I’ve got one in every room of the house.”

Dehumidifiers can be purchased online at Amazon, as well as bought in-store at B&M.

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