My mum bought an EV – it made me realise how much I don't want one… the UK isn't ready for electric cars | The Sun

A DRIVER has claimed that her mum buying an EV made her realised just how much she doesn't want one.

Rachel Revesz explained how the ordeal showed her that the UK is not ready for widespread electric car ownership.

Writing in The National, Rachel slammed the state of the nation's charging infrastructure as one of the major problems holding back the push for net zero.

She wrote: "Apparently we are 'a nation of drivers'.

"Tell that to my mum, who has an electric car.

"Our experience illustrates authorities’ overall approach to climate change – half-hearted, piecemeal, chaotic.



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"It’s no wonder Westminster is pushing back the 2030 ban on new petrol cars – the infrastructure will simply not be ready."

Rachel recounted the family's experience charging up their Nissan Leaf at the BP Pulse chargers in Harthill, Lanarkshire.

She claimed that they encountered a number of errors with the charging points at the site, including one payment machine becoming "passive-aggressive".

Upon phoning the BP helpline she was allegedly told that it would take "several days" for an engineer to come out, forcing them to drive to the other side of the M8 to access a different service station, only to loop back around and continue their journey.

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This was only possible after downloading a "glitchy" app to check that the chargers at the second site we, in fact, working properly.

Rachel added that, as well as charging problems, EVs also fail to solve issues around congestion, dangerous driving or certain forms of emissions, such as particulates in tyre brake dust.

She advocated much greater use of and investment in public transport to ensure a smooth future for travel while also cutting down on environmental impacts.

Even when they got to their holiday cottage on the island of Bute, they found that the home charger there did not have the correct socket type to charge the Nissan.

Thankfully, though, her mum had thought to bring her own adaptor.

It comes after a motors expert with decades of experience revealed three reasons why nobody wants EVs.

Meanwhile, a motorist who has driven an electric car for work for years explained why he would never buy one himself.

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