Mystery button with 'dotted lines' makes me feel like I'm driving a £60,000 motor now I know how to use it | The Sun

A MYSTERY button with 'dotted lines' which makes motorists feel like they're driving a £60,000 motor has been revealed.

Car whizz Bela G took to TikTok to show viewers the vehicle's sleek feature.

The clip begins by zooming in to the lane assist button in Bela's car, accompanied by the caption "Can someone say Tesla Jr?"

Drivers in the UK can nab some Tesla EVs for around £60,000.

She continues: "Because that's really how I feel driving with lane assist.

"It's so clutch. Honda know exactly what they're doing."

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The camera then zones in on the lane assist display on the dashboard.

The clip inspired positive comments from the majority of viewers.

"I love how it works without ACC turned on too," one user said.

Another weighed in: "I love this feature!"

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It comes as drivers are just realising there's a "hidden" button in your motor that can keep you safe while you're out on the road.

The button automatically locks the car in just seconds, helping you stay safely inside.

Elsewhere, a Toyota expert has revealed a mysterious "Mood button" overlooked by drivers that transforms their car's interior.

Motors enthusiast Steven Welch took to YouTube to demonstrate what the genius feature can do to your vehicle.

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