Older Britons eligible for £370 boost a month on top of state pension

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This financial assistance is available through Attendance Allowance which is a benefit payment administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Attendance Allowance was created to help older Britons with a long-term health condition or illness with the financial costs of their ailment. The most someone can receive from this particular DWP payment is £370 a month which could provide older households with a sizable financial boost.

In order to be eligible for Attendance Allowance, state pensioners need to have a disability or health condition for at least six months before applying.

How much money someone gets from Attendance Allowance is dependent on the “severity” of their condition, according to the DWP.

The benefit payment is paid at two different rates, one higher and the other lower, which are awarded depending on how the DWP sees fit.

Older Britons will be able to get £92.40 a week if they are eligible for the higher amount or £61.85 if they are entitled to the lower rate.

Pensioners who are dealing with a severe health condition or illness would get £369.60 from Attendance Allowance.

If a claimant’s health condition or illness changes, Attendance Allowance recipients have a responsibility to inform the DWP as this could affect how much they get.

Recipients of the DWP payment could also be eligible for additional support through benefits such as Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction.

Any money received from Attendance Allowance will be paid directly into the state pensioner’s bank or building society account.

Chloe Smith, the minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, urged those eligible for support to reach out to the DWP as soon as possible.

Ms Smith explained: “Living with a long-term illness or disability can have a profound effect on daily life, both for those with a diagnosis and those who care for them, so it’s vitally important you are receiving all the help you are entitled to.

“Millions of people already receive this support and I would urge anyone who thinks they may be eligible for extra financial help to check online.”

Britons are able to check their entitlement for the state pension benefit payment by visiting the Government website.

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Various charities offer guidance for state pensioners looking to apply for Attendance Allowance.

On its website, Age UK outlines what people need to do to complete the DWP’s application process.

The charity stated: “When filling out the form, be really clear about how your illness or disability affects your life and attach any supporting information, such as GP letters, your care plans, or prescription lists.

“Once you’ve submitted your form, the Department of Work and Pensions may contact you for more information or arrange a doctor visit.

“It’s a good idea to prepare for this visit by writing things down you think the doctor should know about.

“You’ll get a letter about whether or not you’ll get Attendance Allowance, how much, and from what date. If you’re not happy with the decision, you can appeal.”

Outside of Attendance Allowance, there are other benefit payments which those of state pension age can claim.

These include Pension Credit, the Warm Home Discount and the Government’s £300 cost of living payment.

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