‘Particularly risky’: Common security mistakes Britons make when protecting their homes

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According to Review42, it is estimated that burglaries occur every 40 seconds in the UK, with one fifth of intruders entering the home through a window and some entering through an unlocked door. With so many home security options on the market, one expert from Safestyle UK, the UK’s largest window and door retailer, has shared some of the most common security myths as well as providing tips on how Britons can improve their home security.

Adam Pawson explained: “The idea that leaving your keys in the lock to prevent someone picking it, is a huge common misconception.

“Burglars are known to access potential properties by checking the handles on doors and locks on windows, so if they were to hear the rattling of keys behind the lock it would only entice them more.

“It’s particularly risky if there is a window panel in the door, as keys can easily be accessible by breaking the glass, therefore providing access to your property and often your car.”

When arriving back home after being out, Adam recommended placing house keys in a safe place, instead of leaving them on a hook or on a mantlepiece.

He said leaving them in plain sight is the “worst mistake” to make when it comes to protecting a home.

The expert added: “A technique coined fishing targets properties by using everyday items, such as coat hangers, to retrieve keys through the letterbox.

“So, in order to reduce the risk, find a safer place to store your keys, such as in a trinket box away from any window or door access.”

Another common mistake many people may make is sharing footage of valuables online.

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With Britons sharing their lives on social media, it can be tempting to show off a new designer purchase or gadget.

Adam explained: “It’s become more apparent that burglars use social media to find their next victim, as they’re able to access how much value could be stolen from a property.

“Not only this, the internet is an easy way for criminals to monitor when you’ll be on holiday and away from your property, so it’s fair to say that sharing too much online is a very dangerous habit.”

When it comes to protecting the home, many may leave garden or hallway lights on at night to help make them feel safe.

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However, according to the expert, this tactic isn’t always the best to use.

Adam said: “Lighting up your front drive or garden provides the intruder with further visibility of your property and it could give them further time to access entry points or have a better understanding of obstacles to avoid upon access.

“Similarly, if you leave your hall lights on to make it look like you’re at home, it will only increase your energy bills and won’t keep burglars away.

“In fact, approximately 64 percent of burglaries occur when somebody is inside the property.”

When the streets become dark, many people may think this is often when properties are burgled.

However, according to the expert, not all burglaries take place overnight.

Adam explained: “With that being said, ensuring your property is secured during the day is equally as crucial as when you’re asleep.

“You should get into a routine of locking your windows before you leave the home to avoid any potential entry points.”

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