People are just realising their Wi-Fi is instantly faster when doing quick 'refresh' settings change on their phone | The Sun

A SIMPLE settings change on your phone could solve your Wi-Fi woes.

Resetting the network settings will restore your device's internet settings back to its original state.

So any changes you may have accidentally made are wiped right back to scratch, essentially refreshing everything, according to Avast.

Resetting the network settings is also good if you're having other troubles, such as an issue connecting to Wi-Fi in the first place.

The important thing to mention is all data to do with Wi-Fi and internet may be wiped from your phone – so be sure you know Wi-Fi passwords and details before going ahead with this.

How to reset your network settings on iPhone

If you want to reset the network on an iOS or iPhone device, follow these steps.

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Start by going to Settings, then tapping General.

Find Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom.

Tap Reset, then tap Reset Network Settings.

Enter your passcode to proceed with the reset.

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How to reset your network settings on Android

For those on Android who want to reset their network settings, follow these steps.

Start by going to Settings, then System – on some devices this may be called General Management.

Select Advanced.

Go to Reset options – this may be called Reset network settings on some devices.

Tap Reset Wi-Fi mobile & Bluetooth, followed by the Reset settings at the bottom.

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