PIP change to make it easier to renew benefit claim

Thousands of people renewing their PIP claim will soon find the process easier as the application process for the benefit changes.

People with a 10-year award will now have to only fill out a six-page form rather than the previous 16-page form they had to fill in.

In the majority of cases, they will not need an assessment with a healthcare professional in renewing their claim.

As part of new ‘light touch’ reforms to the benefit, people above state pension age who are being reviewed will also only need to fill in the shorter form.

Those on the ‘light touch’ system of reviews will only have to be reviewed every 10 years.

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The changes will come into effect from next month. All other claimants will get their award review under the normal rules, and will have to fill out the 19-page form.

PIP is a non means-tested benefit that supports people who live with a long term health condition or illness that affects their daily life and/or ability to get around.

People who put in a claim for PIP often have to undergo an assessment to verify the level of support they need.

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PIP is made up of a daily living part and a mobility part, with a lower and higher payment for each element depending on a person’s level of need.

These are the current payment rates:

Daily living

  • Lower rate: £68.10
  • Higher rate: £101.75


  • Lower rate: £26.90
  • Higher rate: £71.

A person may be able to claim the mobility element of PIP if they have issues physically moving around or leaving their home.

An individual may be able to claim the daily living part if they need help with any of these daily tasks:

  • Eating, drinking or preparing food
  • Washing, bathing and using the toilet
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Reading and communicating
  • Managing your medicines or treatments
  • Making decisions about money
  • Socialising and being around other people.

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