Polestar's business model centers on what many flashy EV startups lack: a robust service network from Volvo

  • Polestar is a new stand-alone electric car brand from Volvo and Geely.
  • Though the car is marketed as a separate brand, it still relies heavily on Volvo's established dealer network.
  • Polestar cars can be serviced at participating Volvo service centers. 
  • Customers can take advantage of a complimentary pickup and drop-off service within a 150-mile radius of a participating dealership.
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As more and more luxury EVs from startups you've never heard of enter the mainstream car market, you might have a few questions. How fast are they? Are they worth the money? What about reliability? How do they compare to a Tesla? 

But if you're seriously considering a startup EV, one question comes before any of the others: How do you even buy the thing? 

That was the biggest query that followed Business Insider's recent Polestar 2 first-drive review, along with: Will there be dealerships? Where? How will service work? Thus, Business Insider asked Polestar spokesperson JP Canton all you wanted to know. 

Polestar might sound like a startup, but it has established names behind it. It's the standalone electric-car brand from Volvo and its Chinese parent company, Geely. The result, with the Polestar 2, is a sleek and stylish EV built and supported by a tested and true system.

Here's how everything will work. 

Where to see the cars in showrooms

Yes, there will be facilities — standalone, Polestar-branded facilities. Business Insider got a look at a mock-up one during the 2's media presentation in August. It's sparse, minimalist, Scandinavian. Think more of a showroom than a dealership, with no fixed operations or service on site. 

It's clear, from both talking to Canton and actually driving the 2, that Polestar has a very, very solid chance at becoming the brand that converts large amounts of luxury buyers into EV owners. 

There's manufacturing to rely on from Volvo, a brand that has proven that it knows how to build a car and build it well. There's a slick showroom to visit, where Polestar promises you won't be hounded by a salesperson. Then there's the delivery and pickup service, which brings the cars within reach of those who might not live close enough for it to be convenient otherwise. 

Now, it's a matter of waiting to see how buyers respond. 

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