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THE PlayStation VR2 headset is finally here, and we tested it to see how big of an improvement it is over Sony’s previous-gen virtual reality add-on and how it measures up against other major VR devices.

The first thing you’ll notice if you had the original PlayStation VR, is that the new headset is infinitely simpler to set up and use.

Gone are the four cables, the AC adaptor, the processor unit, the instantly outdated controllers, and the external PlayStation camera that you had to buy and configure separately.

With PSVR2, you just plug in the headset’s single USB cable into your PS5 console, turn it on, and after a brief setup, you’ll be venturing into exciting worlds.

We’ve tested almost all other major VR headsets and the PSVR2 combines the Valve Index’s high fidelity with the Oculus Quest 2’s simplicity.

The headset feels light and easy to adjust, and it fits nice and comfortably on your head. It doesn’t require external cameras and delivers crisp image quality and vivid colors.


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PSVR2 will let you see beyond the headset

The PSVR2’s screens have 265 nits of brightness in HDR, meaning that the 4K image looks brighter and better than some of the more expensive headsets.

And because they are 120hz OLED screens, you get great contrast, true blacks and smooth motion, meaning the picture might look even better than the TV or monitor you use to play.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is undoubtedly the best showcase of the spectacular visuals the device is capable of.

From the very first moment, you’re captivated by the massive scale of the game’s environments and how beautiful, bright and real the world of Horizon looks in first person.

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The opening sequence is purposefully designed to ease you into the lush green scenery and let you marvel at the amazing landscapes before you actually start learning the ropes of the game.

Call of the Mountain is definitely a must-try, but if climbing mountains is not your thing, PSVR2 has a decent lineup of titles at launch.

And if you own Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, or No Man’s Sky, you already have a great VR experience to try.

PSVR2’s Cinematic Mode also allows you to play games that are not meant for VR on a big virtual screen, so you can enjoy your favorite PS5 games even without a TV.

The new Sense controllers are a huge improvement over the original PSVR headset’s Move motion controllers.

Button placement feels natural, as if the PS5’s DualSense controller just got split into two halves, with the only difference being that the L1 and R1 buttons are now on the grips.

The headset supports eye-tracking, making menu navigation easy and natural, and also ensuring the image is as clear as possible in the direction in which you’re looking.

During PSVR2’s quick setup process, the headset will make sure it can track your eye movements and automatically map your play area just by having you look around the room.

You can make adjustments to your play area, if you need to, and once that’s done, it will remember it, so you’ll never need to set it up again for new games.

The headset offers several different playstyles, letting you play standing in one place, moving around your play area, or sitting.

If you are about to stray outside your play area, the headset will instantly display its boundaries, and you can adjust the sensitivity of these warnings.

You can always switch to a see-through view at the press of a button, to quickly look at your real-world surroundings through the built-in front cameras.

Priced at £529.99, the PSVR2’s cost is its only real downside, especially until the headset ramps up its library of games, which is surely happening.

Sony has shown a clear commitment to VR, and more than 30 games are launching together with or soon after the headset, and an there's an ever growing list of titles slated for a 2023 release.

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So if the price is not an obstacle, PSVR2 is a truly great and easy to use VR headset worth considering, especially if you already own a PS5, and want to get a premium virtual reality experience.

Written by Stoyan Ovcharov and Kirk McKeand on behalf of GLHF.

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