Queen of Clean: Lynsey Crombie shares clothes drying hack as the cold weather hits

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Winter weather means that getting clothes washed and dried may be harder because the cold weather means clothing must be dried inside. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie shared some genius hacks to help people wash their clothes more efficiently – as well as some unusual tips for when it comes to drying them.

Firstly, when it comes to washing clothes, Lynsey recommends not overloading the washing machine.

She said: “A lot of people do tend to overload the washing machine so one thing we can do is just not put as much stuff in, particularly this time of year.

“If you’ve got too much washing in, the water is really going to retain and your clothes are going to come out so much wetter.”

The cleaning expert also recommends doing an extra spin cycle on the washing machine.

She explained: “After you’ve done your washing, just flip it and do an extra spin. An extra 10 minutes can make a huge difference to your drying time.”

Lynsey then shared how doing your laundry early in the morning will give you the whole day for the washing to dry indoors, especially as many will have the heating on at this time of the year anyway.

Tumble dryers can cost a fortune, especially when used to dry every single wash.

To speed up that drying time, Lynsey explains that there are some tips you can implement into your routine.

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The Queen of Clean continued: “Number one, tumble dryer balls. These are quite spikes, quite hard and when you put them in your tumble dryer, they’re going to keep your clothes separate and they’re also going to help soak up some of the water that’s in there from your clothes.

“These are a great investment, they’re a couple of pounds from most shops…they’re definitely worth investing in.”

When drying larger items like duvet sets and sheets, the cleaning expert shares how using a tennis ball can help separate the bedding and help to absorb the moisture.

Lynsey added: “Get yourself a nice, new tennis ball, and these are really great for when you’re doing your sheets.

“Using a tennis ball will really help separate all of that stuff there and will also help again, like the tumble dryer balls, just speed up that drying time.”

When thinking of putting a load of washing into the tumble dryer, the last thing that might come to mind is to add in some tinfoil.

However the Queen of Clean explained how popping in three or four tin foil balls can help speed up the cycle.

She said: “Now this is a really old tip, my nan told me about this one years ago. So, make some really hard tin foil balls, do three or four and pop them inside your tumble dryer, particularly if you’re doing delicates…and this will reduce that static in there.

“It will also keep them separate and it will also reduce drying time.”

If you want to reduce the amount of electricity you are using throughout the winter, a great way to do so is reducing the amount you use an iron.

Lynsey shared a great tip on how to make a homemade crease remover.

She explained: “It’s just water, cornflour, essential oils and spray directly onto a garment and just give it a pull.

“This will help release those wrinkles without you having to get the iron out.”

Lynsey also shared a range of indoor trying solutions, with one including heated rails to make the drying process easier.

It can be purchased from Lakeland for £129.99, and it includes three heat settings and is great for garments that need to be dried flat.

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