Remove stubborn limescale from toilet with the ‘ice cube tray’ hack

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On TikTok, cleaning enthusiast @refinedliving shared a video where they explained how to make “DIY natural toilet cleaning cubes” to easily get rid of limescale.

Ingredients to make “natural toilet cleaning cubes”:

One cup of bicarbonate of soda

A quarter of a cup of lemon juice

A bit of dish soap

Add the three ingredients together in a bowl and mix them using a spoon or spatula. Then fill the paste into an ice cube tray.

Place the ice cube tray with the mix in the freezer and freeze overnight. The next morning, the toilet cleaning cubes will be ready to use.

To clean the toilet, simply add one cube into the bowl and it will dissolve in a few seconds. The powerful mix should get rid of the dirt and limescale inside the toilet. Alternatively, the toilet brush can also be used to get rid of the stubborn limescale.

Cleaning enthusiasts took to the comments section to praise the clever hack with @dusty_box saying: “So much easier and simple than the recipe I have!!! Excited!”

Another user, commented: “That smells so good too!” and @tishAnn asked: “Do they go back to liquid?

“Can they be stored in a jar in the bathroom??” to which the TikTok user replied: “They become a tad delicate but definitely don’t go back into liquid!

“I wouldn’t stack them but you could keep them flat in a container definitely,” they said.

Other ways to remove stubborn limescale from the toilet bowl include baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solutions.

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Simply mix 100g of baking soda with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to create a paste. Then add the mix into the toilet bowl and let it rest for approximately 20 minutes. Again, the toilet brush can be used for better results.

The toilet brush is an item which is usually forgotten and many people don’t clean it or replace it as often as they should.

Toilet brushes should be replaced every six months for good toilet hygiene and they should also be washed on a weekly basis.

To do this, simply place the brush in the toilet bowl and spray the cleaning product or pour bleach on it.

Then, place the brush into the water and let it sit for a while. A mix of vinegar and baking soda can also be used to clean the brush.

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, white vinegar kills germs and “makes a toilet sparkle”, especially if you add a tablespoon or two of baking soda.

“Use vinegar on the brush after a flush, rather than pouring bleach on it after a bowl workout.

“Sprinkle the brush with baking soda and give it an odour-ridding swish in the clean water. Again, air dry the brush before placing it back in its holder — storing the brush wet or damp encourages bacteria growth,” they recommended.

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