Ruth Bader Ginsburg Released From Hospital Following Gallbladder Treatment

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from the hospital Wednesday, a day after receiving a nonsurgical gallbladder treatment.

Ginsburg, 87, is “doing well and glad to be home,” a statement from the Supreme Court said. She will return to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the coming weeks for follow-up outpatient visits related to her acute cholecystitis, a benign inflammation of the gallbladder.

Eventually, the hospital will have her in to remove a gallstone, the cause of her condition.

Ginsburg has battled several other health issues during her 27 years on the Supreme Court, and public concern about how much longer she’ll be able to serve typically spikes whenever news breaks about her health. She has had pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer in the last decade. However, she announced in January that she was starting 2020 “cancer-free.”

The veteran justice, known for bouncing back quickly after her health scares, participated in oral arguments with the court by phone from the hospital on Wednesday. The case revolves around a stipulation in the Affordable Care Act that employer-provided health insurance plans must cover birth control, which the Trump administration says violates employers’ religious and moral freedoms.

Ginsburg, who typically votes with the court’s more liberal faction, slammed arguments she heard from the Trump administration’s lawyer. 

“You have just tossed entirely to the wind what Congress thought was essential; that is, that women be provided these services with no hassles, no cost to them.” She later added, “Instead, you are shifting the employer’s religious beliefs, the cost of that, onto these employees who do not share those religious beliefs.”

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