Samsung Galaxy S9 confirmed to launch at MWC 2018, but what else should you expect?

MWC 2018 is the biggest mobile show of the year, and will host many of this year's major phone launches – including the Samsung Galaxy S9.

We already have a good idea of what to expect from Barcelona's annual Mobile World Congress gadget extravaganza, and this year's event is looking seriously exciting.

MWC 2018 dates – when is Mobile World Congress this year?

This year's MWC runs from Monday, February 26 right through until Thursday, March 1.

But most of the big announcements will have already happened before the show even begins.

Big brands like Samsung and LG typically hold their press conferences on the day before the event, so expect the biggest news to unfold on Sunday, February 25.

Samsung MWC 2018 news

Samsung has already been teasing what's to come from its MWC 2018 press event.

Earlier this year, Samsung's mobile boss admitted that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus would both debut at the show.

The handsets will be amongst the most popular to launch this year, and will probably carry Qualcomm's speedy new Snapdragon 845 chip.

Sony MWC 2018 news

Sony kicked off 2018 with three new phone launches, but they were all mid-range devices.

For MWC, Sony is likely to show off a proper high-end flagship – supposedly the Xperia XZ Premium 2.

The phone is tipped to feature the nippy Snapdragon 845 processor, and some reports suggest it could even boast a 4K display.

LG MWC 2018 news

Everyone was expecting the long-rumoured LG G7 to appear at the show, but it's now looking unlikely.

Latest reports suggest LG is starting the phone over from scratch, and now April is mooted for the launch.

Still, LG is almost certainly going to attend the show, and will probably have some quirky smart home gadgets or wearables to reveal instead.

Huawei MWC 2018 news

China smartphone giant Huawei usually has a massive presence at MWC – in fact, it even sponsors the show.

We've not heard any formal news from Huawei this year, but rumour has it that there's a new smartphone in the works.

Apparently the Huawei P11 will feature a staggering 40-megapixel camera with three lenses – not bad.

Apple MWC 2018 news

Apple typically avoids attending any big technology conventions, preferring to host its own press events instead.

For Apple fans, the best you can hope for is news about products or apps that work with the Apple ecosystem – like smart home devices.

We're expecting Apple to make some announcements in the first half of 2018, but MWC is a guaranteed no-go for the firm.

Nokia MWC 2018 news

HMD Global, the company that builds smartphones under the Nokia brand, is definitely going to be at MWC.

Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas recently tweeted: "Sorry for radio silence. Been super busy planning MWC 2018. Please expect it to be awesome."

Sadly, we don't know what's coming up – but a new smartphone seems likely.


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Motorola MWC 2018 news

Lenovo is looking likely to show off a few new devices under the Motorola brand, although nothing has been formally confirmed.

However, we're due a new budget Moto G6 phone, so that's certainly one to watch out for.



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