Save over £800 on your gas bill by adding DIY ‘barrier’ to home

Smart Energy shares tips for reducing energy bills

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With gas and electric bills set to surge once again in April, the cost of living is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One way homeowners can save cash is by implementing cost-effective, DIY hacks to improve their home’s energy efficiency during the colder winter months.

Secondary glazing is one such method that can help keep homes warmer without breaking the bank.

It was recently reported that homeowners could save up to 60 percent on their gas bill by implementing secondary glazing, according to The Eco Experts.

Research by Cut Plastic Sheeting also found that Google queries for “home insulation cost” have increased by 48 percent in the past month.

The experts at Cut Plastic Sheeting looked at how homeowners could save more than £800 per year on their gas bill just by implementing DIY secondary glazing and how it could impact their bills in 2023.

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What is secondary glazing?

The experts explained: “Secondary is a way of improving the energy efficiency of a building by adding an extra layer of glazing to existing windows.

“The secondary glazing is typically installed on the inside of the primary window and is designed to provide an additional barrier against heat loss and noise pollution.

“The added layer of glazing also helps to improve the thermal insulation of the building and can reduce the number of draughts and cold spots in a room.

“Additionally, it can be an affordable solution for renters who aren’t allowed to make changes to their windows but still want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

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How much can homeowners save with secondary glazing?

To find out how much homeowners could save, Cut Plastic Sheeting found out the average window size and the number of windows in UK households and then used this to calculate how much it would cost to DIY secondary glaze your home.

They then used data on average gas usage and multiplied this by current gas unit rates and standing charges to give an average annual bill.

The savings are then based on a full 60 percent saving on your gas bill.

The average gas bill in the UK currently stands at £1,343.58 annually when taking into account standing charge and typical annual gas use.

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The research from Cut Plastic Sheeting found that by installing your own secondary glazing, you could save up to £806.14 per year on your gas bill.

This works out to approximately £67 per month per average UK household.

What are the benefits of secondary glazing?

The main benefits of secondary glazing include heat insulation, noise insulation, and cost savings.

Heat insulation is the most common reason for secondary glazing. The additional layer creates a gap between the window and the second sheet material.

Secondary glazing also provides an extra layer of protection between the inside of a property and the outside which reduces external noise.

For those living in busy areas, the extra layer may be particularly helpful.

Homeowners can get the same benefits of double-glazing without spending thousands on it.

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