Savvy shopper explains their cost cutting tips at the supermarket

With the coronavirus lockdown continuing, saving extra pounds could significantly help with the cost of living and provide welcome relief to many families. And analysing the cost of supermarket shopping, essential to everyday life, may be a good place to start saving. One social media user took to the website Reddit to share how they were able to drastically reduce their shopping bill.


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Writing a year ago, the user revealed their seven top tips for making savings when shopping for food.

They wrote: “Save ALL your food receipts for a month. At the end of a month, add up how many gallons of milk, pounds of meat, boxes of Cheerios etc. you bought. Now you have an idea of how much your family users.

“Buying in bulk minimises packaging waste. Less trips to the grocery store limits your carbon footprint, both for you and the supply chain that supports the habit.”

Another point made by the user was to compare prices at different locations.

They stated shopping around allowed them to see which items were cheapest and where, also keeping an eye on weekly money saving deals.

A third point was to pay attention to the price per pound of certain ingredients, for example meat, choosing meals based on what is cheapest, and using leftovers for extra meals.

The user went on to state: “Use your freezer! I only buy bread when it’s buy one get one free, and then put it in a freezer. Good deal on butter or bacon? Buy two and freeze it for later.

“Cook a double batch of beans, soup, stew, and put that in the freezer for when you’ve had a long day and don’t want to cook. Pre-make sandwiches and freeze those, too.”

As a fifth point, the user encouraged people to learn to cook, as experimenting allowed them to make food at a cheaper price. 

For spices and alcohol, the user also encouraged shopping around to find the best possible deals.

As a top tip, the user also told shoppers to pay attention to increased prices on the alcohol they normally drink, and be prepared to shop for their beverages elsewhere to save money.

Finally, the shopper offered advice on their monthly shopping bill and eating habits.

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They concluded: “I usually do soup, beans and rice, or other vegetarian meals twice a week. 

“Buying in bulk what you would typically consume over a month limits your trips and the junk you eat – want cookies? Make some, don’t buy them! I usually go back mid-month for milk, lettuce etc.”

For a family of four, the Reddit user stated their traditional shopping bill usually stands at £400 to £500.

Other users advised making a meal plan for each weekly or monthly shop to reduce waste and ensure shoppers only buy exactly what they need. 

And another user stated they decided to grow 90 percent of their herbs they use, alongside flowers and fruit.

The Money Advice Service has also issued tips and tricks to tackling supermarket shopping.

The organisation states the average family throws away almost £60 worth of food each month – racking up to a cost of £700 a year.

A top tip was to use a shopping basket instead of a trolley to avoid picking up unexpected extra items.

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