Sen. Graham: Biden is 'kowtowing' to the 'most radical people in the US' on crime

Sen. Graham: Biden is ‘kowtowing’ to the most radical people in the US on crime, border

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., discusses Biden’s crime strategy, arguing the president is ‘kowtowing to the most radical people in this country.’

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., slammed President Biden for “kowtowing to the far-left” on crime during “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Wednesday, arguing the “modern” Democratic Party is “anti-cop.”

SEN. LINDSAY GRAHAM: The Biden five point plan will not address the rise in murder and vicious assaults in this country. We have a lack of prosecution and we’ve declared war on the police. And that is backfiring on those who have done it.

 People are being stabbed. You have city parks being taken over with drugs. You have rampant shoplifting. You have brazen in the middle of the day attacks. You have a reduction in police capability. You have cops afraid to actually, you know, enforce the law because they may go to jail. So the liberal left has created this problem. And the Joe Biden of the 70s, who was tough on crime, no longer exist. Joe Biden today is kowtowing to the most radical people in this country on border security and crime.

The modern Democratic Party is anti-cop. There’s no other way to say it. The liberal left is the energy of the Democratic Party on policing and immigration. And Joe Biden is refusing to stand up to the left and he’s in denial about what the problems at the border really are. It’s got nothing to do with the conditions in Central America. The Biden administration is going to an open border policy. They changed all the Trump policies that remain in Mexico. And when it comes to crime, they’re declaring war on the cop and the prosecutor.


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