Shocking moment driver mixes up pedals and PLOUGHS through office – causing thousands of pounds in damage | The Sun

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a driver mixes up the pedals and ploughs through an office.

The chaotic dashcam video was uploaded to TikTok by a user posting under the name Karl Starkey.

Although the location is not confirmed, the dashcam footage labels the shocking smash as taking place in Coleshill.

The video starts by showing a truck turning into a car park which is full of lorries and other motors.

But a routine manoeuvre soon turns into disaster as the driver mixes up the accelerator with the brake.

The truck wildly accelerates towards a skip and smashes into it as rubbish bags and debris go flying.

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Due to the size of the truck, the skip is pushed into the side of a small office building, completely destroying the walls in the process.

The motor then ends it unlucky journey by coming to a halt as it crashes into a parked white van.

The video ends with liquids spraying and waste falling out of the skip onto the white van as the shocked driver finally finds the right pedal.

Karl describes the crash as "carnage" and his hashtags include the words "destroyed" and "written off".

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The video, which is aptly titled "When you think the Accelerator is the brake", has racked up 46,000 views.

As always TikTokers were quick to take to the comments to weigh in with their opinions.

One user said: "Tip for the future use the middle pedal."

While another joked: "Well I heard they made him work bank holiday Monday I would of done the same."

"Even the truck cried," quipped a third.

A fourth TikToker joked that "someone is getting sacked" after the chaotic crash.

One user also claimed that the shocking incident happened at the Cross Transport trucking park in Coleshill, Birmingham.

It comes after a driver caused a three-vehicle crash when they rammed into a back of a stationary car.

Meanwhile a BMW driver ploughed into a crowd while trying to a drift a supercar in another horror incident.

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