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THESE are the six tips you can follow to stay safe while driving in the fog.

Safety concerns for drivers comes after the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for Monday morning.

Freezing fog has set in across the UK overnight with much of England being affected.

Conditions have meant visibility has fallen below 200 metres – with Big Ben even being hidden.

With travel chaos expected, commuters are being warned to take extra time.

Advice issued by the Met and National Highways says to avoid all travel if possible.


Top five driving tips to stay safe on ice revealed by Met Office

40 flights cancelled at Heathrow Airport as freezing fog sparks Met warning

However, if you do need to drive anywhere, you should do so slowly and with dipped headlights.

These are the six things you can do to make your journey safer this morning:

  • Avoid travel if possible
  • Drive very slowly with dipped headlights, full-beam lights reflect off the fog causing a 'white wall' effect
  • Keep an eye on your speed, fog can give the illusion of moving in slow motion
  • Use fog lights, but remember to turn them off when the visibility improves
  • Don't hang on the tail lights of the car in front, rear lights can give a false sense of security
  • Watch out for freezing fog which is made of water droplets that freeze on contact with objects such as the pavement and the road. It can quickly form a layer of ice

The weather service said: "Freezing fog will lead to difficult driving conditions and could cause travel delays in some areas on Monday."

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While the weather alert is only in place until 11am today, the fog is forecast to return on Tuesday along with patches of rain.

The icy blast has reportedly seen 40 flights due to depart Heathrow cancelled.

As temperatures plummet to -8C in some parts, most of London, Oxford and Nottingham is covered by the warning.

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