Sycophant Senator Touts Trump's Non-Existent Psychic Powers

Republican from South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said that President Trump saw into the future while making his State of the Union speech on February 4 and claimed Trump referenced the coming financial collapse that would eventually hit America because of the coronavirus.

“I think during his State of the Union speech when he was talking about the great American comeback, he was talking foreshadowing the necessity of a v-shaped recovery coming out of this virus before we even knew about a virus,” Scott told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning.

Scott, of course, has zero evidence that Trump thought, or could have imagined any such thing — especially when he did everything he could to downplay it. But that didn’t stop Scott from making the claim, especially on a show with a host like Bartiromo, who is also a big supporter of the president. Though Bartiromo did seem taken aback a bit by Scott’s ridiculous remark when she immediately reacted with a “huh.”

A quick search of the president’s SOTU speech transcript shows only one mention of the virus, where Trump spoke about working closely with China on safety and health matters. No mention of economics was made whatsoever.

Scott’s performance today is right in line with the Dear Leader-esque treatment Trump receives from cabinet members and supporters in Congress alike. So it should have been predictable that someone would eventually add psychic ability to the long list of the president’s supposed characteristics.

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