Texas Gov. Abbott says Harris hasn't called him about migrant crisis since VP was appointed as border czar

Media top headlines June 15

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Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he hasn’t heard from Vice President Harris since she was appointed by President Biden as the border czar to address the migrant crisis back in March. 

During an interview Tuesday’s episode of the Ruthless podcast, Abbott was asked by co-host Josh Holmes if Harris has “even so much has placed a phone call” to him regarding the surge of illegal immigrants that the Lone Star State has faced this year. 

“No. So I haven’t,” Abbott responded. “The president hasn’t called. The vice president hasn’t called. The only person I’ve talked to are some folks in the Department of Homeland Security. And that was a long time ago.

He continued, “They have a game of pretend going on. They are pretending that the Texas border does not exist because they’re not talking about it either publicly or privately or calling us or anything else like that. They just have this attitude that the Texas border with Mexico does not exist.”

Abbott agreed with Holmes’ assertion that Texas was “totally on [its] own.”

Harris’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. 

The GOP governor also teased his plans to build the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in his state despite halted efforts by the Biden administration. He is also seeking harsher penalties on a state level for those who attempt to sneak into Texas and destroy any form of barrier that’s in place. 

“We need the wall. The wall works,” Abbott explained. “Law enforcement understands that it works. The residents understand that it works. The local officials in the region know that it works… And I’ve been working with members of the Texas legislature to work with me on this. So this is gonna be the entire state of Texas stepping up.”

Harris has been grilled in recent interviews over how she refrained from visiting the border despite being tapped to address the migrant crisis. She insisted she will make her way down to the border, although she has yet to say when that trip will take place. 

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