The things you shouldn’t leave in your car as temperatures plummet this winter – knowing them could save you £1,000s | The Sun

DRIVERS have been warned about the items they shouldn't be leaving inside their cars this winter.

As autumn turns to winter, drivers should keep in mind some items in their car could be damaged when temperates are low and cost £1,000s to replace.

The motoring experts at CarMoney have provided a list of items that should never be left inside cars during winter.

Many drivers leave their daily medication in the car as a reminder to take them on their daily commute, but leaving prescribed meds in the car overnight in freezing temperatures may hinder their effectiveness.

Leaving your glasses or sunglasses in the car can damage the lenses by causing them to expand and contract.

Musical instruments are prone to shrinking and expanding in cold temperatures too, especially instruments made of wood such as violins, guitars and cellos.

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Electronic items like laptops are also badly affected by the cold because their internal lithium-ion batteries become damaged.

Keeping deodorant in the car can be dangerous – low temperatures can cause the pressurised cans to destabilise, resulting in cracks or even explosions.

After a food shop, leaving canned food is dangerous as it can freeze and expand, breaking the seal when temperatures are low.

And those drivers who love fizzy drink in their car should be aware that cans can explode and cause a mess.


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Andrew Marshall, Marketing Manager at CarMoney said: "Just as there are certain items that can be damaged by high temperatures if left in our cars, many unexpected belongings can also be negatively affected by the cold.

"Not only can this potentially cost us money due to items breaking, but it can also impact our health, such as medications and even dangerous explosions of some products.

"To combat this, we recommend always taking key items out of the car into the house where it is warmer and more secure."

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