This $3,200 'scorpion' chair and workstation has 6 different positions for gaming, working from home, and even sleeping

  • "Computer cockpit" company Cluvens is selling a "Scorpion" workstation for gaming or working.
  • The chair is on sale for $2,000 from Alibaba or up to $3,200 from the manufacturer.
  • Both the home office furniture industry and the video gaming industry continue to post gains during the pandemic as many are still spending much more time at home.
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In 2020, it's possible to work remotely from a Scorpion gaming chair.

The insect-like piece of furniture comes from Cluvens, which says it is "specialized in the design and production of highly innovative, ergonomic and affordable computer cockpits for the future home office environments." It was spotted by CNET and The Verge.

It's a good time to be in the home office furniture business. COVID-19 closed many offices for months, with some not planning to return until 2021 or later, while other companies are allowing employees to stay remote indefinitely. Suddenly, all of these commuters turned work from home employees had to put together some kind of home office setup. Some companies even picked up the tab on these expenses — Twitter and Shopify each gave remote workers $1000 to get started.

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A study from Future Market Insights predicted that home office spending will grow 15% annually between 2020 and 2030. Companies have even started selling ready-made home office pods and booths.

The scorpion chair is also ideal for gaming, another industry thriving during the pandemic. The gaming market is poised to generate more than $159 billion in 2020, a 9.3% growth. Analysts predict the growth will continue, topping $200 billion in 2023. New gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 releasing at the end of the year will contribute to growth, too.

Check out the Scorpion chair here.

The chair arrives curled up in a 308 pound wooden crate.

The setup weighs 265 pounds, and its nearly 7 feet tall.

The scorpion name comes from the curved steel "tail."

The tail moves to adjust the position of the three monitors and desk, equipped with a keyboard and mouse.

The electronic legs are also notably scorpion-like.

The entire work cockpit moves electronically.

It can be configured into six different positions, including a reclined position that Cluvens notes is good for "watching videos" and "sleep."

Cluvens recommends that users are careful to "avoid putting any of your own body parts between any mechanical moving parts when adjusting the cockpit."

The chair is equipped with 16 color LED lights.

The chair costs between $2,000 and $3,200, and ships in six to eight weeks.

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