Thousands could lose access to Netflix COMPLETELY if you're sharing through Sky, Virgin or BT | The Sun

NETFLIX users who stream as part of a package offered by their TV provider will not be able to share their account with people who don't live with them.

Even if you're family but living separately, the infamous password crackdown has left Sky, Virgin and BT customers in the lurch.

The streaming giant has been warning about the crackdown for months – but officially began on Tuesday, May 23.

The streaming giant issued emails to its users in the UK and Ireland yesterday, warning them that new rules regarding password have finally come into force.

The email warns users that their Netflix accounts are strictly for the people they live with – and no one else.

Although many password sharers won't be booted off the account they use until it's clear they haven't connected to the primary account owner's Wi-Fi in 31 days.


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If you want to continue sharing your login outside of your home, you'll need to pay £4.99/$7.99 a month per additional member.

Should you invite an extra member, they will get their own account and password, but will limited to watching on one device at a time.

But this option won’t be available for subscribers who get their Netflix as part of a bundle.

Netflix confirmed on Tuesday that the extra member option is “currently unavailable for members who pay for Netflix through a third party or as part of a bundle.”

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Because the billing of Netflix goes via the third party TV provider – be it Sky, Virgin or BT, the streamer can't currently offer the extra member option.

However, affected customers have the option to transfer a profile to their own paid account.

Unpopular decision

The decision by Netflix has been unpopular among customers ever since the streamer hinted at the move last year.

Users across the world have vowed to quit as soon as the anti-password sharing measures start being imposed.

"Already discussed with my partner our plan to #cancelnetflix the moment we receive that email," wrote one customer on Twitter.

"Shame on you @Netflix. Isn’t it bad enough the cost of living is sky rocketing? Groceries, rent, gas, etc. Don’t you have enough?"

Customers who haven't yet cancelled their subscription have warned that the sharing ban will only push people towards competitors such as Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV – or their illegal counterparts.

"All @Netflix will accomplish in a cost of living crisis is if those who pay for Netflix can't afford the extra & neither can the other person/people (it's normally only shared with close family/friends if you're younger) they will turn to 'unofficial free sites'," another user tweeted.

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