‘Tough grease’ glides right off oven door with cleaning tip that ‘works wonders’

Cleaning a greasy oven requires both time and effort, especially when burnt residue has built up over time.

Fortunately, cleaners have discovered efficient techniques using ingredients most likely to be stored away in your cupboards.

Many of these hacks have been shared on the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, which members typically turn to when confronted with a housekeeping dilemma.

Taking to the Facebook group, one user recently asked for “tips on cleaning burnt-in grease from a glass oven door”.

It was a matter of hours before the post racked up over a hundred handy comments, several from users recommending one product that had never failed them; dishwasher tablets.

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One person wrote: “Dishwasher tablet… wet it a little bit and then scrub it along the burnt bits/glass.”

Another recommended a similar technique, except they advised applying the tablet straight onto the glass and rubbing it until the grease started dissolving. 

“Use dishwasher tablet dampened on the glass, works well,” they explained.

The reason dishwasher tablets are recommended so consistently to treat stubborn burn strains is that they are tough on grease and grime. 

Blitz Cleaning Services explains: “Not only can you use these pressed powder tablets as a clever oven-cleaning trick but on other surfaces in the kitchen as well.

“The stuck-on stains, abrasive surface, and tough grease will start to vanish.”

Those who have the cleaning capsules to hand may find they come in handy for several other tasks too, like toilet cleaning.

The one area you may want to be wary of using the tablets is in the washing machine, however, as cleaning enthusiasts say it can leave the appliance smelling terrible.

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