Triple lock suspension means pensioners can’t afford essentials on the state pension

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June and Pat, sisters in their 70s, said they’ve worked hard all their lives and didn’t expect to be struggling in later life. They’ve had to cut back on food, petrol and clothing because their state pension hasn’t risen in line with inflation.

June, 72, told “I’m on a basic pension so every penny counts.

“With everything gone up you sort of have to do without something else.”

Her 75-year-old sister Pat said she has been forced to ask her adult son for help.

She told “We worked until after retirement age but now our children are having to help us out.

“My son recently gave me the money to buy a little run around car.

“I had to let mine go as I couldn’t keep up with the repayments.”

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Unfortunately it’s not just June and Pat who are struggling.

Another pensioner from Birmingham said she wouldn’t have retired early if she knew what was coming.

To add insult to injury, her husband was forced into retirement when he lost his job during the pandemic.

She said: “We’ve both retired and because we took early retirement we’ve got no income coming in.”

Some pensioners like 60-year-old Gary have been skipping meals to pay the bills.

Gary said whereas he used to spend £10 every fortnight on electricity that has now increased to £30 or £40.

He told “Sometimes I won’t eat.

“I can’t buy myself decent clothes and stuff like that.”

Meanwhile, pensioners are being urged to check whether they could be entitled to pension credit as this could mean an extra £3,000 a year.

It could also mean they are eligible to help with housing, a council tax reduction and potentially a free TV licence.

Nearly one million pensioners are estimated to be missing out on this DWP benefit even though they should qualify for this extra help.

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