Trump Assails Democrats in a Series of Tweets

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter to complain about Senate Democrats for what he said was their attitude on a call with Vice President Mike Pence about the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nothing that anyone could have said, including ‘it’s over,’ could have made them happy, or even a little bit satisfied,” Trump said, without offering evidence. “They were RUDE and NASTY.”

Pence, who’s spending Saturday attending the U.S. Air Force Academycommencement ceremony in Colorado, hasn’t provided a readout of the call, which took place Friday afternoon, and neither have the Democratic lawmakers.

The president will hold a press briefing Saturday evening, he announced on Twitter, after the White House earlier said Trump had no public events for the day.

Trump is likely to continue pressing individual states and their governors to quickly open their economies and lift social-distancing measures put in place over the past month to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

On Thursday, Trump cited several states, including Montana and Utah, as being close to safe to reopen, and said that 29 states will be able to reopen “relatively soon.”

He followed up Friday morning, tweeting that Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia, should “liberate” themselves in an apparent criticism of stay-at-home orders in the states, which all have Democratic governors.

A smattering of protests have sprung up this week by conservative activists in Michigan, Ohio and other states, fueled by demands that the strictest measures taken at curbing the spread of Covid-19 be eased.

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