Trump Keeps Working the Debate Referees: Campaign Update

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President Donald Trump continued to complain about how the moderator of Tuesday’s debate treated him. The Biden campaign unveiled a Snapchat lens that encourages early voting. And Democrats saw a surge in voter registration volunteers during the debate.

There are 33 days until the election and 74 days until the Electoral College meets.

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Trump Unhappy With Debate Moderator Chris Wallace

Trump continued to work the refs, complaining that the moderator of his first debate against Joe Biden — Fox News host Chris Wallace — unfairly cut him off.

Speaking to supporters at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday, Trump argued that he was effectively debating Biden as well as Wallace.

“I said, ‘Sleepy Joe, name one law enforcement group that supports you,’” Trump said. “And then Chris Wallace says, ‘Don’t do that.’ Can you believe this guy? I was debating two people last night.”

During that portion of the debate, Trump interjected four times as Biden tried to answer a question about policing until Wallace said he was “going to take back the bottom line” and move on to another subject.

Trump also falsely claimed that Biden wants to cancel the two remaining debates because he “lost badly.” The Biden campaign said Wednesday he was committed to attending the next two debates. — Jordan Fabian

Biden’s Snapchat Filter Seeks to Make Vote-by-Mail Cool

Hillary Clinton urged young people to “Pokemon Go to the polls” in 2016. The Biden campaign would rather they Snapchat their way to the post office.

As first reported by The Verge, Biden’s team has unveiled a new Snapchat lens that enables users who aim their phone camera at a U.S. Postal Service logo to see digitally superimposed fireworks that spell out “Vote Early for Biden-Harris.”

Users can also turn the camera to selfie mode to digitally add a Biden hat and aviator sunglasses.

Snapchat is a rich target for campaigns seeking young voters. The app has more than 200 million active daily users, many of whom are 18-to-24 years old.

Earlier this month, it unveiled a voter registration tool that has already helped more than 750,000 users register.

Democrats See Voter Registration Volunteer Surge After Debate

Biden won something better than a CNN poll after Tuesday’s debate: 100,000 new volunteers.

After he name-checked, the Democratic-backed voter registration website saw a spike in sign-ups to volunteer to help register voters, with most coming from Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina,according to CBS News.

Biden, his top surrogates and other Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have repeatedly promoted the website in public appearances, on social media and in speeches at the Democratic convention.

Asked about election security at the debate, Biden mentioned it right at the start, saying Americans should “go to, decide how they’re going to vote, when they’re going to vote, and what means by which they’re going to vote.”

Trump did not encourage people to register to vote or mention any websites during the debate.

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Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence will debate in Salt Lake City on Oct. 7.

— With assistance by Justin Sink, and Jordan Fabian

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