Two-ingredient solution removes mould and mildew from curtains

If you’ve noticed black or green stains on the inside of your curtains recently, this is likely mould and mildew.

Mould will usually grow on fabrics and surfaces if it’s gotten wet and hasn’t had a chance to dry.

Windows that regularly get covered in condensation are more vulnerable to getting mouldy which means curtains and window coverings could also turn mouldy.

Gareth Coxall, Terrys’ creative and marketing director has shared how to remove mould and mildew from curtains without damaging them.

Gareth explained that the moist areas around windows are the “ideal environment” for bacteria and therefore mould to thrive.

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Using baking soda to remove mould from the bottom of a window

He continued: “Mildew tends to be white, grey or yellow, whereas mould is usually black or green – either way, you’ll want to remove it from your window dressings as quickly as you can.

“To treat, use a hard bristle brush to remove as much as possible, preferably outside to prevent mould spores spreading through your home.

“A stain remover can be used to remove any discolouring.

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“Spritz the curtains with a solution of one-part antibacterial to four-parts water from a distance, to avoid causing any damage to the fabric.

“Afterwards, wash the curtains using a strong detergent to kill any smells and spores, airing them until dry.”

Before washing curtains, test the fabric with water to make sure it doesn’t shrink.

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To prevent a buildup of mould and mildew in the future, try to keep moisture levels low.

Homeowners can do this by using a dehumidifier when drying clothes indoors and not drying clothes on radiators near windows.

Regular cleaning and drying of windows will help too as this will get rid of moisture buildup.

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