'Useful Idiots' With Ryan McMahon and Jon Thompson of the 'Thunder Bay' Podcast

In the latest socially distanced episode of our Useful Idiots podcast, hosts Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper are joined by Ryan McMahon and Jon Thompson of the Thunder Bay podcast.

For “Democrats Suck,” Katie dives into former President Barack Obama’s new best-selling memoir A Promised Land, particularly the section in which Obama laments overseeing the deaths of people that he asserts he had actually wanted to help.

“Yeah, he wrote that,” says Katie.

“That takes some stones to write that, I have to say. I’m very impressed,” responds Matt.

For “Republicans Suck,” Matt shows his exhaustion with the Trump administration, citing yet another failed attempt by President Donald Trump to swing the November election to his favor.

“I can’t keep track of all the legal challenges, it’s like fractals or something, it’s gone beyond my ability to follow,” says Matt. “It was funny: There was an element of humor to Trump’s absurdities when he was somehow winning. But this has gotten completely ridiculous.”

Joining the show for the first time are Ryan McMahon and Jon Thompson, who are releasing season two of their acclaimed Thunder Bay, a true crime podcast about the the deaths of indigenous youth in Thunder Bay, Ontario.



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