Varney on COP26 climate deal negotiations: It's time to rethink how we tackle climate

Stuart Varney: Climate summit yields no big solutions

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney argues it’s time to rethink how we tackle climate.

FOX Business' Stuart Varney, during his latest "My Take" on "Varney & Co.," said it's time to rethink how the world tackles climate after no sweeping agreements were made at the Glasgow summit.


STUART VARNEY: There will be no grand, sweeping climate accord from the Glasgow summit. 

It ends today, and after two weeks of haggling among delegates from 197 countries, all they've come up with is a few vastly watereddown statements of intent! 

They pledge to phase out coal and subsidies for fossil fuels, and rich countries will pledge an ‘as yet unknown’ amount of money to help poor countries. That's it!

Isn't it time to rethink how the world tackles climate? 

Government can’t force cuts in CO2 emissions. Mandates don't work, and pledges are rarely met.

Why not rethink nuclear power. It’s the cleanest form of energy, and new technology has made nuclear power much safer. 


Why not use more natural gas, which is a lot cleaner than oil or coal, and there's plenty of it. That’s how America successfully cut emissions more than any other industrial country! Nat gas did it for us, why not for others?

President Joe Biden speaks during the World Leaders’ Summit. (Photo by Steve Reigate – Pool / Getty Images) (Photo by Steve Reigate – Pool / Getty Images / Getty Images)

But the greens will not listen. To them, environmentalism is a religion, and they must be pure! 

The youngsters gathered outside the Glasgow conference will no doubt vigorously protest this failed conference, and world leaders will keep on talking about ‘the end of the world is Nye.’

What a shame. If you really feel that the world is in danger, look for solutions that work!

COP26 is over… COP27 is scheduled for next November in Sharm el-Sheikh, in Egypt. They should call it "blather in the desert."


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