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A CAR expert has revealed how to brighten up fogged-up headlights.

Often getting overlooked, foggy headlights can reduce visibility, which could cause an avoidable danger.

But replacing entire headlight units on your motor is a costly business – especially more modern headlights with LED technology.

That's why TikTok user @christinanomura recommends rubbing a lemon with backing soda to brighten your headlights.

Firstly, you’ll need to cut a lemon in half.

Then simply dip the lemon into backing soda.


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Finally, you just need to use a little bit of elbow grease and rub the bicarbonate of soda-covered lemon all over your misty headlights.

She said that this hack would make your headlights look brand new.

But, the user said that the baking soda could not be out of date.

The poster said: "baking soda will lose its power and potency after opening. They last six months after opening. Try a new pack!"

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She titled the video: 'Saw a hack and had to test it out. It worked! Cleaned both lights within 5 minutes."

Most users said that it worked for them.

One said: "It worked!"

Another said: "It works; I tried and give about 5 minutes to each headlightand rub it hard; I recommend this bright idea ( just lemon and baking soda)."

A third pointed out: "I tried it, and my headlights look perfect now."

Cars running with dim lights, which can often be because of foggy headlights, can run the risk of getting a £1,000 fine.

Another user revealed how to fix your car's fogged-up headlights with an everyday ingredient from the bathroom.

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