Watch as HGV attempts overtake in lashing rain and smashes into oncoming TRACTOR – but who’s in the wrong? | The Sun

A SHOCKING video uploaded to Instagram shows the moment an HGV smashes into a tractor coming the other way.

Uploaded by the Instagram channel Inside Motors, the video has people undecided as you who was actually at fault.

The footage is shot using a dash cam from a car perhaps 100 meters behind the incident.

The car is following and HGV and it's clear the weather is appalling with low visibility.

There's also lots of standing water on the road, which makes the HGV's next move very surprising.

After a couple of seconds, you become aware that the HGV driver is indicating left and is about to try and overtake.

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It then starts to cross the central white lines to move around what looks to be a smaller HGV ahead.

However, shortly after that you can start to make out something coming the other way.

The HGV clearly hasn't seen it until the last minute, slamming on the brakes and steering hard right to avoid it.

In doing the HGV's trailer starts to slide around on the wet road and collides with the front of a Tractor.


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But watching the video back, it looks like the tractor could have been half-off the road already, leaving people confused about who was actually in the wrong.

@smileys3scooby said in the comments: "Looks like tractor had been driving along the grass verge and so wasn’t an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane but actually off-road.

"The truck indicated to overtake the tractor on his side but the tractor on the opposite side (that had been on the grass verge) had decided to move onto the road at the same time, obviously or seeing the trucks indicators.

"Then it was too late and a quick jab of those brakes gave him the fish tale!"

While @brother_billy1 said: "Some of these hgv drivers drive like they’re in cars and vans and thats what scares me."

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