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A PASSENGER princess, or a passenger seat princess on TikTok, has been trending lately, with more than 532million views on the tag #passengerprincess and more than nearly 200million views on the tag #passengerseatprincess.

Many users may be wondering what a passenger princess is if it pops up on their For You page.

What is a passenger princess on TikTok?

A passenger princess is someone whose significant other always drives when they are together, even if it's the passenger's car.

Many users are uploading videos of themselves to TikTok from the passenger seat of their car, with videos of their boyfriends driving them.

These videos give a funny look into some relationships, with the passenger princesses showing their reactions if they are asked to drive ( a hard no).

Users also use this moment to note their singledom, with girls posting videos from buses or subways with captions like "When you used to be a passenger princess, but then you broke up."


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Still, others are using it as a moment of self-empowerment, showing off their dogs in the passenger seat or of themselves pumping gas.

What do commenters have to say about the passenger princesses?

A couple's page, desandnaz, posted a video of Des getting into the car with the caption. "Me knowing I'll never have to drive anywhere again because… I have a boyfriend."

Comments on the page were mostly from other females, including user donnaleho, who said, "I WANT THIS bc I hate driving."

That comment alone has gotten nearly 3k likes.

Other users commented that their boyfriends didn't have cars or driver's licenses or that it could never be them, letting a man drive them around.



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Still, with over 1k comments on her video, it's mostly a back and forth over whether the would-be-passenger princesses enjoy driving or if they prefer the passenger seat.

Why is this concept trending?

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Much like the sidewalk rule, which recently trended on TikTok, this is all about showing off the chivalry of one's partner.

It's also an easy video to recreate if your significant other already enjoys driving and doesn't mind being on camera.

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