What your iPhone background says about you – and why a selfie is NOT a good sign | The Sun

YOUR iPhone Lock Screen background reveals more about you than you think.

Whether it's a snap of the kids, your pets, or even a selfie, experts have revealed what your choice says of you.

And some are better than others…

Your pet

Who doesn't love seeing their cute dog or cat?

Even if you don't own a pet, having a one as your iPhone background says a lot about you as a person.

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"It shows you love living in the fantasy world, which facilitates your
connection to more furry friends," said Barbara Santini, a psychologist and sex expert for Dimepiece LA.

"It also indicates a high creativity level seen in your imagination."

Charles Griffiths, from AAG said it's also "likely you’re an emotional person who finds comfort in their furry friends".

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If you've just left the image to one of the default ones smartphone makers provide, it's not a bad sign – it means you're probably quite easy-going.

"People choose this because it is clear and enables have a clear view of most things in the phone," Barbara said.

"Their character is easy and acquire many friends."

Charles agrees, saying you're probably "very relaxed".

"You like simplicity and minimalism."

A photo of your significant lover

According to Charles, this suggests you’re a hopeless romantic, and love to show high levels of affection with people who you care about most.

"You’re loyal and love to show off your partner."

A selfie

A selfie apparently isn't a good look, according to Barbara.

"If your wallpaper carries the image of your selfie, you are possibly a
narcissist or have extreme self-confidence.

"But the former has more weight."

A picture with family

"You’re a home bird," Charles believes.

"Your family are your role models and you like to be reminded that they’ll always be there for you."

A photo from your holiday travels

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If you love a good holiday and show it on your phone's wallpaper, it's a strong indication you're a jetsetter.

"You always have a holiday lined up and your wallpaper is a constant reminder of that," Charles explains.

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