Where can I find my National Insurance number?

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Everyone who wants to work in the UK must have a National Insurance number. National Insurance numbers are specific to one person, and most people in the UK get their National Insurance numbers just before they turn 16. A National Insurance number consists of two letters, six numbers, and a final letter at the end.

Where can I find my National Insurance number?

Before turning 16 most people find out what their National Insurance number is via a letter in the post.

HMRC also previously sent out cards with National Insurance numbers on them, although this is no longer the case.

If you haven’t kept hold of these initial documents, there are other places you can find out what your National Insurance number is.

Your National Insurance number can be found on several employment documents, such as your payslips from work.

You can also find your National Insurance number on your P60, which is a document outlining how much tax you’ve paid on your salary each year.

You can also find your National Insurance number on some other documents related to pensions, benefits or tax.

Your personal tax account online should also be able to tell you your National Insurance number.

Through your personal tax account, you can also download a confirmation letter of your National Insurance number.

What if you cannot find your National Insurance number?

As noted above, you can register or log in to your personal tax account online to find your National Insurance number.

But according to the Government website, there are two other options you can pursue if you cannot find your National Insurance number.

You can fill in form CA5403, which you can find on the Government website HERE. 

You will need to answer some questions, and then send the form to the stated address.

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Or, you can contact the National Insurance numbers helpline on the following contact numbers between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday:

  • Telephone: 0300 200 3500
  • Textphone: 0300 200 3519
  • Outside UK: +44 191 203 7010

You can call the helpline if you’re between 15 years and nine months, and 20-years-old, and you have not yet received your National Insurance number.

If you can’t register for a new personal tax account online, you can also use the helpline for assistance.

If you’re over the age of 20, you can also get advice from the helpline on getting a National Insurance number if you haven’t already got one.

After calling the helpline you may be able to get your National Insurance number posted to you.

HMRC can’t tell you your National Insurance number over the phone, and you should receive it in the post within 15 working days.

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