Woman slammed over ‘anti-social’ parking act before she’s confronted by motorist – but shameful move is NOT illegal | The Sun

THIS woman has been slammed online after she stood in an empty parking space to try and reserve it for her partner. 

Wearing a black dress, she was spotted standing inside an empty parking space confronting an angry driver at a car park in Australia.

The bizarre row was shared on TikTok by Grace Pene, who captioned the video: "Never a dull day in Southport".

"Let the road rage begin," the person filming can be heard saying. 

The two women were then seen exchanging a few words as the female passenger of the red Suzuki appears to urge the woman to give way. 

The woman standing inside the parking space appears to say something to the other woman as the pair are seen gesturing to one another. 

"She can't do that, there's another car park right up there though," the person filming says as she watches the parking row unfold down below.  

The passenger retreats back inside the car, and moments later the Suzuki driver starts honking at the woman inside the parking space.

The woman blocking the parking space is then seen gesturing vigorously at another vehicle as she waves both her arms whilst holding her phone in her right hand. 

That's when a woman steps out of the Suzuki and confronts the parking space claimer.

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A man then joins the bizarre confrontation and also stands on the parking spot – leading the furious Suzuki passenger to start a verbal spat with him and the woman.

Tensions stay high until the Suzuki drives off.

"Oh she's admitting defeat," the person behind the video says as the motorist is seen driving away. 

"Oh my god that's insane!"

The woman's "anti-social" parking move, however, is not considered illegal.

A spokesman for Queensland Police explained that standing in a parking space is not against the law, Daily Mail Australia reports.

"It’s difficult for us to deal in hypotheticals, as on the face of it, this sort of behaviour whilst being anti-social, is not necessarily illegal," they said. 

"However, if the matter spills over into a breach of the peace or a public nuisance than we can take action. 

"We probably need to consider as well that in the time it takes for police to be called and attend, the matter would likely have been resolved in one way or another."

Despite not breaking the law, the "parking space Karen" was blasted in the TikTok comment section.

"I would have came back keyed the car and put dog s*** under the door handles," one furious user wrote. 

"'I would have sat there in my car forever before letting that car take it," another commented. 

"No chance in hell I’d leave. I’d have taken the day off work if I had to," a third replied. 

A fellow driver has revealed his drastic method that works like a charm at keeping his neighbours from parking in front of his house.

In the video, he showed a cone inside of orange lines on concrete.

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"I just wanted to share with everybody on how to reserve a parking spot for yourself," the YouTuber stated.

"Every year, we have this thing called the river festival and it's right around that corner right there and for three days every jacka** in town parks right in front of our house."

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